Wambaka Kosea is a Doctor of Economics as well as a Doctor of Management, with over Twenty (20) years of accumulated experience as a practitioner in authentic and verifiable Education, Social Economic and Development Practices and surveys, Community System Strengthening Planning, Organizational Development and Management, Resettlement Interventions, Project Management, Strategic and Master Planning, Community Mobilization, Development Planning, Public Financial Management and Reviews, Governance, Policy Research and Project Cycle Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of National, Regional and International Programmes that evidently impact on Global Development, Livelihood Restoration Programmes, Capacity Building in Centralized and Decentralized settings, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Project studies that guide project initiation, implementation and operations.

Kosea is also a Group Chairman of Strategic Group of Companies – Strategic Friends International, (incorporated in Uganda, Washington DC and Hong Kong), Strategic African Bidder, Strategic Sustainable Development Fund, Strategic Luxuries Transport Company, Big Push Construction and Events De Strategic.

He is and has been at the helm of Development consultancies of National Projects that require coherent innovations funded by the European Union, UNDP, COMESA, Irish Government, World Bank, Global Fund and largely the Government of Uganda.

He was the team leader for conducting feasibility study for rehabilitation of infrastructures for Uganda Wildlife Research and Training Institute in Kasese, where the major job accountabilities included developing a skills needs assessment and proposing a staffing structure and associated salaries/wages and infrastructure that would enhance effective teaching and learning.

He was the team leader for the development and implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan for acquisition of land for the oil refinery in Uganda, where cash compensations to Project Affected Persons and redevelopment of affected public utilities like schools, churches, hospital and access roads were part of the work scope. He is also the Team Leader for Resettlement Action Plan Implementation for land acquisition for the Oil Refinery that is nearly complete. He is the team leader for the development and implementation of a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for acquisition of land for Petroleum Products Pipeline from Hoima to Kampala.

He was a pioneer consultant in developing strategic interventions that guided the development and operationalization of Regional Referral Hospitals to exist as self-accounting institutions in Uganda.

He understands the operations of Governments in areas of planning and investment execution especially in guiding private investment that forms the key economic driver of national development. He participated in the development of the first National Development Plan by inputting Tourism and Trade interventions and can now vividly guide investment operations towards the direction of the overall vision and mission of Uganda as a country in adherence to international benchmarks.

He understands the operations and strategic directions of key sectors of Uganda’s economy such as the Energy, Agriculture, Tourism, Industry, Trade and the Service Industry among others. Kosea was a key person in developing Ministerial Policy Statement for Uganda Wildlife Education Centre under the then Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry and could defend the same before Parliamentary session committee of Tourism.

He has made technical presentations in National and International engagements with high level of confidence and etiquette, He can therefore comfortably organize, represent and head a senior level team of

professionals to execute organizational activities at local and international levels of a big National Entity. He executes consultancy services for different Government Ministries and therefore understands clearly, the operations of Governments and Government Institutions.

Kosea is a self-driven Professional who privately supports his career and professional growth, reads a lot and does a lot of personal research, he is regularly informed about the current world events and their global impacts and sometimes, suggests coherent mitigations to relevant institutions based on empirical evidence and analytical thinking that has been gained from experience and as part of professional training. He has been particularly trained by experience and academia to tackle and manage even the most difficult tasks and situations in appropriate calm manner.

Summary of Consultancies Conducted and Remarkable

Team leader and or Technical Person in the following Consultancies

  1. Development of the National Wildlife Conservation Education Strategy for Uganda.
  2. Conducting a feasibility study and accommodation master plan for Uganda Police Force
  3. Conducting a beneficiary satisfaction survey for World Bank funded participating Municipal local government under the USMID project for 2021/2022 that is going to shape further implementation.
  4. Development and implementation of a Resettlement Action Plan for acquisition of land for the petroleum products pipeline from Hoima to Kampala (ongoing)
  5. Implementation of a Resettlement Action Plan for Acquisition of Land for oil refinery in Kabaale Buseruka, Hoima. The same land acquisition has paved way for the construction of international airport that is near completion
  6. Development of a master plan and Strategic Environment Assessment of transforming the Source of the Nile River area into an international tourism destination. The assignment involved conducting benchmarking studies in the Nile Delta of Egypt.
  7. Beneficiary satisfaction and social accountability surveys within World Bank / USIMID/ programme participating Local Government municipal councils for 2019/2020 that shaped the implementation of the current phase of activities.
  8. Development of a National Community Systems Strengthening Plan for HIV, AIDS AND TP, funded by the Global fund through TASO.
  9. Feasibility study of infrastructure rehabilitation and development at Uganda Wildlife Research and Training Institute.
  10. Development of a Community Score Card for community-based monitoring of Health Services in Uganda, funded by the Global Fund through TASO
  11. Customizing of the Elegu Boarder market Master Plan for Rwakhakha Site funded by COMESA through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives.
  12. Development of state of Land use Compliance Report for Uganda’s Municipalities and Town councils. The recent upgrade of Municipalities to Cities and Town Councils to Municipalities in Uganda was guided by the outcome of this study
  13. Provision of voters’ education for 2016 Elections for Northern Uganda sub region
  14. Facilitation of voter education for 2021 general elections

    Development of a long-term development Plan and business and investment Profile for Moroto District.

  15. Community mobilization and sensitization of Karamoja sub region ahead of geophysical mapping of minerals.
  16. Community mobilization and stakeholder engagement for establishment of satellite conservation education centre in Mbale Uganda.
  17. Environmental and social impact assessment for the proposed project on the establishment of value addition and processing plants in Uganda under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.
  18. Baseline survey on issuance of certificates of customary ownership of communal land in selected Sub counties in Adjuman and Kabale Districts.
  19. Evaluation and re-development of a business plan for farming systems for Uganda Prisons.
  20. Training and capacity building of cross boarder women traders at Mirama Hills funded by the World Bank under the Uganda National Roads Authority.
  21. Feasibility study for the establishment of satellite conversation education centres in Mbale and Mbarara.
  22. Feasibility study for the establishment of satellite wildlife conservation education center in Fort portal
  23. Development of a Master Plan for Moroto Regional Referral Hospital
  24. Preparation of a 5 year strategic plan for Kabale Regional Referral Hospital)
  25. Preparation of a 5 year strategic plan for Lira Regional Referral Hospital)
  26. Preparation of a 5 year strategic plan for Soroti Regional Referral Hospital)
  27. Development of a gender profile for Arua District.
  28. Conducted capacity building in different thematic modules for district local governments specifically for Bukwo, Apac, Amolatah, ButalejaYumbe Pallisa Amuria Maracha- Terego and Kapchorwa Districts.

Consultancy unpublished Researches Executed

  • Challenges facing women in achieving gender equality and empowerment as a millennium development goal.
  • An evaluation of the impact of trade liberalization on balance of trade in Uganda
  • The impact of graduated tax on revenue performance in Kamuli district.
  • Factors determining the enrolment of the girl child in secondary schools in Uganda.
  • The impact of UPE on the education of children with disabilities in Nakasongola district
  • Factors facilitating crime in Uganda.
  • Courses of occupational stress with reference to customs staff at Entebbe region.
  • The quality of Education Offered under UPE with reference to Nakawa Division Kampala.